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About the byDesign Films Process

byDesign Films is a full-service film production company for your corporate event. What
does that mean for your strategic success?

From the first day you select byDesign Films for your corporate event, we become a part of your planning team. We invest our production expertise into transforming your agenda, your keynote speakers, your breakout sessions and, most importantly, your strategy, into films that motivate, inspire and engage your leaders and participants.

After our cinematographer finishes filming, our editors do the long and detailed creative and technical work of delivering polished, cinematic-quality films to your company.

Here’s a look at how our talented, technically-savvy and dedicated teams of customer service representatives, white-glove film coordinators, cinematographers, and editors work with you from the first consultation to delivery of your finished corporate films.

The byDesign Films Process

Every step in the byDesign Films corporate event film production process gives you seamless support and ensures that your strategic vision makes it from your conference room drawing board to quality films. And throughout the process, we keep you in the loop and so well-supported that you can relax and concentrate on the corporate mission at hand.


We begin by bringing our byDesign Films producer and account executive to meet with your team. We listen to your strategic goals, explore your agenda, and understand what films you want to receive as your final product. We make sure we confirm your vision, incorporate the right activities into the filming plan and get the right cinematographers on your project. When you agree to the plan, we swing into action.


Our producer works onsite to coordinate filming with the crew, ensure that all activities are included, and get the job on the ground done as unobtrusively as possible. We move through the complex demands of the day according to the plan we developed with you – so that you can focus on the mission, agenda and important activities of your conference.


After your event is complete, the byDesign Films editing team begins the painstaking technical and creative work of translating those digital images into films that reflect your strategic vision. Based on the plan formulated in our pre-production meeting with you, our producer and editors will now craft the final products, ensuring that individuals and activities are highlighted to bring your event to life for the participants.

Film Delivery

Your corporate highlight films, interviews, keynote speakers and activities will be delivered to you for your strategic use – on your website, in social media, to inspire and motivate your participants. And perhaps best of all, to set the stage for your next meeting or conference as a trailer to inspire your corporate teams.

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