Your Wedding Film: Emmy Award-Winning Quality

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Your wedding film is no longer the product of a family member with a consumer-quality camera or even a smart phone. You are watching films on YouTube and Vimeo, looking for just the creative approach, matching your vision to the artistry of the cinematographer behind the lens. You want the very best. What you may not realize is that these new, highest-quality wedding films have a much larger team behind them than the cinematographer holding the camera. With more advanced production values and rising expectations from couples, the film production process has become professionally-focused. You want cinematic quality with your creative vision in the driver’s seat, and the best studios are rising to the occasion. Your wedding is a complex event requiring a team with project management, cinematography, cutting-edge editing and post-production excellence. But perhaps most importantly, the new wedding film requires a producer at the helm, ensuring that your story gets told the way you want it. byDesign Films offers your wedding the unique touch of Emmy-Award-Winning producer, Ken Fay. As your footage arrives at the byDesign Films editing suite, Ken is always part of consulting with our editors to ensure that your story becomes an enduring, cinematic film. What other wedding film studio can offer that level of artistic expertise? Your wedding story is worth the best professional attention at every step of the process. byDesign Films that just begins with awesome cinematography – but ends with the highest-quality storytelling production values in the industry. [...]

Project Management: The Service Difference for Your Wedding Film

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“The entire byDesign Films team was so enjoyable to work with – from the initial emails and phone conversations with Brittany, to the day of our wedding, to the final footage. Everything was so organized and professional.” - Caroline Andren As any wedding planner or couple can tell you, the modern wedding is a complex event with a lot of moving parts. For a cinematographer to get the best possible wedding film images on a hectic day, he needs to have awesome organizational skills before, during and after the big day. “Our wedding day went very smoothly. The shooters arrived on time,immediately set up their equipment, and got right to work. We hardly even noticed them throughout the day as they just did what they were supposed to do.Both the highlight video and full feature film were delivered to us in a timely manner. Our project manager was exceptional, and made sure that our feedback was directly relayed to the editor, and captured in the final product.” - Antonela Brkic What does a cinematographer need to know on your wedding day? Here are some basic planning skills that must be in place to get you the best wedding film. 1. The cinematographer needs to know which events need to be captured. Make-up and prep? First look? The ceremony? The reception? Tossing the bouquet? Your exit? 2. There must be a documented plan for the day, including a complete list of events and times. 3. All names of key people [...]