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Five Big Ideas for Wedding Films Today

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High cinematic expectations are the reality in wedding films today. Here are five of the big wedding cinematography ideas we are hearing from our clients in 2018. Imagining What “Your Wedding, The Movie” Should Feel Like. Couples demand a personalized wedding film experience. byDesign Films helps you begin your creative process through a series of questions specifically designed to produce the wedding film of your dreams. It’s your palette and we’re here to assist you with the right brush strokes. Watching Wedding Films to Build Your Vision. There have never been more outlets to watch wedding films and align your creative imagination with the look, feel and sounds captured by the best cinematographers. byDesign Films gives you a huge library of wedding film styles and package options to choose from. Choosing Your Cinematographer Early in the Budget Process. Your personal, enduring experience is far too valuable for you to push your wedding film to the end of the budget process. Choosing your cinematographer early in your timeline gives you ample room in your budget for the best quality wedding film experience. Thinking About Your Entire Love Story. So many couples see their personal film experience as a series rather than a single film event. Love Story, Save The Date and Instagram films give you options for your own Netflix-style series – one that you, your family and friends can share and relive together for a lifetime. Including Aerial Cinematography. The most spectacular wedding films include images of your venue, [...]