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A Classic, Timeless Chicago Wedding – With a Breathtaking View!

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“Soul Mates. Two little words, one big concept. A belief that someone, somewhere is holding the key to your heart. And that is truly what I think both of you have for each other.” This lovely toast at their wedding sums up the spirit of how Alexandria and David worked together to plan and create their sleek and gorgeous Chicago celebration. Alexandria and David love their Windy City home – and wanted to make sure they created an amazing, memorable wedding experience for their family and friends. As they put it, “We wanted to put together a fun experience that our guests can gush about for the rest of our lives.” “Our vision? We wanted a wedding experience and look that was timeless – so that 20 years from now it still works for us. A look and feel that was classic, timeless, and clean.” These soul mates were on the same creative page. Their chosen color palette began with black and white. “You can never go wrong with black and white. When we used the words classic, modern and elegant to describe our vision of the day – black, white, silver, and grey grew naturally out of that concept.” The smooth, sweeping and elegant lines of Alexandria’s snow-white gown, with its silvery circlet belt at the waist, stood out in gorgeous contrast to the simple, clean lines of her bridesmaids’ black sheaths and the modern cut of the tuxes that David and his groomsmen sported. And while Alexandria’s [...]

A Classic Richmond Wedding Rich in Detail and Full of Hokie Spirit

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“You two are both modern enough to survive the times, but traditional enough to last forever.” Her sister’s eloquent toast at Caroline and Edwin’s wedding couldn't have been translated better into all the classic, yet vogue and romantic, aspects of their luxe wedding day.“Our wedding planning was crazy, with lots of ups and downs,” says Caroline. “We knew we wanted a ballroom venue, which to us seemed more grand and romantic. After searching in multiple cities, my grandmother suggested The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, and I knew that was it.”When it came to the venue, Rachel and Bryan chose once, and then changed their minds. “A friend of mine said, ‘you have to check out LionRock Farm.’ So, we took the drive out from NYC – and the moment I stepped out of the car, I knew this was it!”Caroline’s wedding vision was concise from the beginning. “I chose Champagne and Navy as my color theme - Champagne is a classic – and my drink of choice. Creams and metallics were colors in our palette, because I wanted a trendy infusion, with the navy added for an extra pop. Edwin had a custom-made suit in the brighter hue, and the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits were a variation on a classic navy.”This elegant, stylish look found its way into every nuance. “I love details. My bouquet I had envisioned with a vogue design – white roses and gardenias, with a single deep blue delphinium blossom.” Every table at the reception [...]

A Modern, Fun Wedding with Family – With a Twist!

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What could be more beautiful than rich, jewel-toned colors nestled in a sea of green at a summer wedding in the Connecticut countryside? Rachel and Bryan Fong had a clear vision for their wedding palette that was a blend of modernism, tradition, and out-of- the-box creativity. “We knew exactly what we wanted – and Bryan was really involved. He cares a lot about style. We chose deep, rich neutral tones in burgundy, navy and rose gold, to contrast with my white gown and the green of the countryside. We designed our invitations with that same burgundy background – a nontraditional style we loved.” When it came to the venue, Rachel and Bryan chose once, and then changed their minds. “A friend of mine said, ‘you have to check out LionRock Farm.’ So, we took the drive out from NYC – and the moment I stepped out of the car, I knew this was it!” “LionRock Farm feels like you’re in the midst of the French countryside, right here in this country. We wanted to transport people to another world. And we loved the idea of giving ourselves and our friends and families a great weekend escape.” And what a weekend it was! “Our guests were coming from all over, so we made a big party of it. Friday night, we brought in a Wood Fire Pizza truck. Saturday was our wedding, and on Sunday we had a big brunch to end the celebration. The whole weekend was modern and [...]

A Wedding as Light as the Big Texas Sky

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When the bride is a wedding photographer, her wedding dream is a creative vision. So, when Mike Owens proposed to photographer Angel Lovell, she began to vision her wedding story through her own creative lens. “I wanted our wedding to be light and airy. My own white gown, gold accents and accessories, soft blue bridesmaid dresses. The ceremony outdoors in the sun. I wanted to keep it classy with light colors and greenery – just like a Texas sky.” The venue was very important to Angel’s vision, too. “We were looking for a classy, elegant look, somewhere convenient for both families. I’ve always known about the White Sparrow. But when we went there with our families, I knew: This is the venue I have to have!” The deciding factor for choosing the White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas? Not only the beauty, but the lighting, of course! “We wanted an outdoor wedding, and the White Sparrow gave us that option. But what I really loved was all the light coming through the many windows into that elegant white barn. We could keep our visual theme, even if we had to move the ceremony indoors.” When it came to choosing her photographer, she went with longtime friends at Nate And Grace Photography. “I wanted to go with someone I know. I would go to Nate when I had questions about cameras and lighting. I trusted him completely – and they did an incredible job.” “We decorated the venue ourselves with [...]

A Lake George Wedding Dream Come True….

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Caroline’s wedding dream began when she was very young. “My parents have owned the beautiful Sagamore Resort for decades. I’ve always wanted a wedding there with a beautiful backdrop of pine trees and the lake.” Caroline and Derek’s wedding planner found the perfect spot with all the trees that Caroline could ever want, right on her parents’ sumptuous resort. With the lake directly behind the wedding altar, and showers of blossoms cascading from the canopy above, this sweet and romantic wedding was a dazzling, scenic affair. “As much as the Resort was my dream come true, I wanted to make sure that Derek had a hand in the planning, too. Together, we wanted to add personal touches of our own that would reflect who we are and what is really important to us. Most of all, we wanted our wedding to be comfortable for us, our friends and our family.” From the outset, their love for dogs and their passion for rescue and adoption was part of the wedding plan. “From the napkins with our dog’s image on it, to the $10,000 we raised for the dog rescue organization Save One Soul, we made sure that Granite played a part in our wedding.” Granite – Caroline and Derek’s own rescue dog – also played the part of “Best Dog.” “Of course, he broke free during the wedding – and it was such a happy moment for everyone.” Derek played a huge role in the design of the wedding invitations, [...]