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How To Connect With Your Clients Online

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Demonstrate a strong online presence. In order to connect with clients online, they first must be able to find you! In order to be discovered, you must have a strong presence where couples are looking - Google and Social Media. This means a mobile-friendly website, with stunning visuals and examples of your work, including search-engine optimization and utilizing Google Adwords. Your social media presence needs to be professional yet personal, featuring real-time updates and highlighting your partnerships within the industry. Differentiate with distinctives. Now that couples are able to find you online, they’re going to start the comparison process. This is your time to shine amongst your competition. Set yourself apart by highlighting your unique niche or focus right off the bat with a compelling description that allows your couples to picture exactly what it will be like to have you by their side on their wedding day. Pair that with authentic reviews, transparent pricing, and comprehensive visuals that tell your story as a company. In the age of information, people want to know everything up front in order to make an educated decision, so the more they know about you, the better! Develop trusted online client relationships. Once your couples decide to contact you, it’s essential to make it as easy as possible! Ensure that it’s simple for them to contact you from a mobile device since 42% of couples are planning via mobile/tablet. And considering that they are probably contacting multiple wedding pros at one, a quick [...]

5 Ways To Remind Wedding Guests To Put Away Their Phones

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While cell phone photos admittedly have come a long way over the past few years, they have no business capturing the main event at your wedding! Your guests will probably want to capture their own footage during your wedding ceremony (who can blame them, you’re gorgeous!) And although they mean well, the cell phones (or digital cameras, or even iPads...) they use while trying to get the perfect amateur shot can get in the way of the professionals you hired to capture beautiful photos and videos of your special day. The last thing you want is a guest blocking the stunning frame of your first kiss from the people you paid to do it! This can be awkward, but don’t worry, there are nice ways to tell your family to put their phones down and leave it to the professionals. Signs Putting signs at the entry points is a quick and easy reminder for guests to put their phones down as they walk in. You could also include something on your wedding website or in any announcements you sent out prior to the wedding. Announcements You can have the officiant remind everyone to keep their phones put away during the ceremony before she/he begins. You can also have the DJ or MC mention it as they are telling guests to find a seat for the ceremony. Programs If you are handing out programs for guests then you can include a note about putting cell phones away during the ceremony because the professionals [...]

4 Steps To Prioritize Your Wedding Budget

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Congratulations! You said yes and now you’re super excited to jump right into wedding planning, but where do you start? The single most important thing to do first is set a realistic budget. Of course you won’t be able to account for every single professional that you hire to orchestrate your wedding at this point, but you can estimate an approximate cost for each one and refer back to it throughout your wedding planning process. But how do you know what to prioritize? How much should you allocate for each vendor or detail? We’ve broken down a few simple steps to get you started! 1. Estimate a total budget. First, figure out who is contributing what and the total amount you have to spend on wedding festivities. Don’t forget to include outlying wedding events such as your rehearsal dinner and honeymoon! 2. Envision your wedding and prioritize what’s most important. In order to stay within the total budget you set, you’ll need to stay on track with each vendor you hire. Every couple has different priorities. Some find it essential to have beautiful and elaborate invitations, while others favor a stunning multi-tier cake. Most importantly, don’t forget to consider what will be left behind after you’ve said the “I do’s” and all of your guests have gone home. Having high-quality photographs and cinematic-level films of your day will ensure that you can enjoy it for years to come. (Psst… did you know that couples #1 regret is not hiring [...]

The Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring A Videographer

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When you hire a videographer to capture your big day, you’re already avoiding the #1 regret most couples have about their wedding. But you’re not completely out of the woods yet! Unless you’re having a small, intimate wedding, the most common regret we hear from couples that hire a videographer is when their filming team consisted of only one filmer. A lone filmer package often comes with a tempting price reduction but also some serious compromises! One Filmer Can’t Be In Two Places At Once This snag usually hits first thing - even before the ceremony! During pre-wedding prep, it is nearly impossible for one filmer to capture great footage of all parties. Often times, couples are getting ready at the same time totally different locations, making it difficult for a single filmer to catch all of the awesome moments. Keep in mind these moments are some of the most special to look back on, filled with anticipation and excitement for the day ahead. One Filmer Just Can’t Do It All When you only have one person in charge of capturing your entire wedding on film, they are going to concentrate their efforts on what’s most important. Of course, they will follow your “must-haves” and do their best to get footage of all of the details they can, but some of the little moments that happen at the same time as your big moments won’t get on camera! Think little candid moments between your guests, B-roll shots of the [...]

5 Things To Do Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer

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So you know you want to hire a wedding videographer - great! You know you should book sooner rather than later in order to secure your first choice and to get this essential item checked off the list. But where do you start? If you follow these 5 steps, booking a videographer to capture your big day will not only be painless - it will be a fun and inspiring stop on your journey to saying “I do!” 1. Set A Budget It’s important that you set a portion of your budget up for a videographer right from the get-go. But there’s a catch - don’t base it off of national averages! Consult with your planner about the market rate in your area. 2. Research This stage may SOUND boring, but it’s actually the most fun! There are a ton of videographers out there, but it’s essential that you find one that matches your style, vision, and personality. Sit back and watch videos from every videographer in your area (you can find them easily using The Knot!). Take notes of the moments that made you tear up, or filled your heart with excited anticipation. What stands out as memorable to you? 3. Read Reviews Great videographers are going to have great reviews! Take the time to read what previous brides and grooms have to say about their videographers. Keep an eye out for mentions of day-of interactions (“On the day of filming, our videographer, Larry, was awesome. He was [...]