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About Our Legacy and Family Films

Sharing our family stories, generation after generation. Paging through family albums, sitting around the kitchen table over pie and coffee, telling and re-telling our stories long into the night. These moments are the ones we remember for all our lives.

When byDesign Films creates a Legacy film for you and your family, we tell the story of a deeply-loved life, well-lived. We weave together a film tapestry of your who you are and what you believe in. And we create it so your family may watch it again and again on those long nights of remembrance and joy.

Your lifetime movie captures interviews, photographs, location footage of major life events, and cinematic re-enactments of special moments. Your personalized Legacy film is a living photo album, left behind for those who know your, love you and want to cherish your memory together.

The Process


The first step in creating your Legacy story is an initial phone consultation. We ask you to complete a short online questionnaire to understand the vision of your story, so we can create a concept for how to tell it best.

Story Development

The byDesign Films team then creates a storyboard and develops a first draft of your Legacy film script. We finalize your storyline, and develop a plan for our cinematographer to begin work.

Filming Your Legacy

We typically begin filming interviews with you, your friends and family. We then film montages of the places your major life events have happened, and we blend in the photographs and visual elements that complete the story of your life.


Our byDesign Films editors do the lion’s share of the work after filming is complete. 30 to 90 hours may be spent editing the film and crafting your story by our expert team. Depending on the complexity of the project, typical delivery time is three to six weeks.


Please contact us for a consultation on your personalized legacy package.

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