Phillip and Yvette Helberg

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Planning ahead for your wedding film pays off. If you make videography a priority on your wedding checklist, you are much likelier to have a wedding film that you’ll be proud to share and cherish for a lifetime. Phillip and Yvette Helberg focused on selecting a wedding cinematographer early in their wedding planning process – and are so glad they did. “Video is the most important part of your wedding – get to it as fast as you can,” says Yvette Helberg. “You only get married once – and you want to be able to relive it forever. To me it was more important than booking the venue or even the caterer. And as far as the investment goes, it’s worth it to get the best. If we had to make sacrifices in other parts of the budget, we would have done it to keep the videography package we wanted.” But Yvette didn’t make the decisions on her own. Phillip was a big part of the decision-making process. “Yvette knew what to look for, and she had an idea of what she wanted. She encouraged me to get involved and learn more about wedding films – so we could make the decision together.” Yvette adds: “We looked at a lot of other videographers. But when we worked with byDesign Films, we felt confident that that they could get a feel for us and our relationship – and that’s what mattered most to us. I loved their filming style, music [...]